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The Blanco CAD is responsible for collecting local property taxes levied by these Entities. Please make checks payable to: Blanco CAD. Please enclose a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to have a receipt mailed to you. Otherwise please consider your cancelled check as your receipt. Mailed payments will be applied to the account according to the date the envelope was postmarked. The Texas Property Tax Code, Sec. 1.08 states that it must bear a US Postal cancellation mark of a date EARLIER than the specified due date.

The Blanco CAD office has a drive up window on the North side of the building for your convenience. We also have a night-drop window located on the same side of the building for after hours payments or other correspondence.

Property taxes in Texas are assessed as of January 1st each year and are considered valid for a period of one year from that date. Tax statutes make no provisions for prorating; therefore, a change of address  or disposal of property during the year would have no effect on the tax liability established on January 1st of the calendar year.

Taxes assessed on Business personal property (business equipment, inventory, etc) are the obligation of the person who owns or obtains the property on January 1st of the year for which the tax is levied. A taxpayer is not relieved of the obligation because he/she no longer owns the property. This also applies to Mobile Home property.

If you are Over 65 or Disabled you may choose to pay your taxes in four equal installments. This option only applies if the property is your residence homestead. Please contact our office for details.

Partial payments are always accepted, however, according to section 31.07 of the Texas Property Tax Code, discounts are forfeited. Penalty and interest will be added to any unpaid balance on February 1 st. There is also the option to pay your county, city, school or other taxes separately. Your preference must be included with your payment.

To insure deadlines are met, please send any Change of Address  to our office as soon as possible in writing or through e-mail.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not affect the validity of the tax, the due date, or any penalty and interest charges for late payment.

By Law, The State of Texas automatically places a tax lien on property on January 1st of each year to insure that taxes are paid.

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